Remote Control 315Mhz

Remote Control 315Mhz

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Model: Security Alarm System - 315MHZ
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Data: Efficient frequency : 315MHZ Temperature condition : -10 degree Celsius to + 55 degree Celsius Transmission distance : 100m(Open field) Battery : 12V,23A Code type : Fixed code Color : Black and White. Wide ApplicabilityApplies wid...
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  1. Efficient frequency : 315MHZ
  2. Temperature condition : -10 degree Celsius to + 55 degree Celsius
  3. Transmission distance : 100m(Open field)
  4. Battery : 12V,23A
  5. Code type : Fixed code
  6. Color : Black and White.

Remote Control main unit GSM Alarm
Wide Applicability
Applies widely to works, banks, stores, warehouses, offices and homestead, thanks to its kinds of protection abilities like anti-theft, anti-robbery,
fire prevention, gas leakage protection and most importantly, emergency calls.


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