Apakah sistem pagar listrik itu? Sistem pagar listrik adalah sistem pengamanan yang dapat memberikan efek psikologis, penghalang fisik yang dapat mendeteksi, mencegah dan menahan penyusup atau hewan liar masuk kedalam area yang telah di batasi dengan pagar listrik (tidak mematikan : hanya memberikan efek shock). Pagar Listik dapat digunakan di perumahan, perkantoran, sekolah, penjara, pertanian, perkebunan, peternakan, perikanan, maupun daerah-daerah yang membutuhkan keamanan extra.

Pagar Listrik Acc : Kawat Alumunium Alloy [Per-Meter]

Rp 1.500

Model : Alloy wireAluminum alloy wireCharacteristics :Alumunium alloy made The appointed wire for electric fence Type : 1.8mm 1000m/roll Material: aluminum alloy wireFeature:Anti-oxidation Corrosion r

Pagar Listrik Acc : Kawat Alumunium Alloy [Per-Roll]

Rp 815.000

Model : Alloy wireAluminum alloy wireCharacteristics :Alumunium alloy madeThe appointed wire for electric fenceType : 1.8mm1000m/rollMaterial: aluminum alloy wireFeature:Anti-oxidationCorrosion resist

Pagar Listrik Acc : Polytwire diameter 2.5mm [Per-Meter]

Rp 1.400

Ready Warna Merah.Feature:Cost effective electric fence polywire for conducting high voltage pulse, compared to metal wire Avaiable with temporary fences for livstocks White and yellow,green or other

Pagar Listrik Acc : Polytwire diameter 2.5mm [Per-Rol]

Rp 385.000

Ready Warna Merah.Feature:Cost effective electric fence polywire for conducting high voltage pulse, compared to metal wireAvaiable with temporary fences for livstocksLength per roll : 500mDiameter : 2

Pagar Listrik Acc : Anti Petir

Rp 250.000

Characteristics :Fixed voltage 10KVLightning arrester,when thunder or lighting strike the electric fence security system,it will conduct the electricity into the earth,so that it will not be damaged.&

Pagar Listrik Acc : Gate Handle

Rp 32.000

Feature:Gate Handle with Tensioning Pull Spring and Steel Hook to Prevent StraighteningSteel hook to prevent straighteningUsed in gates fencingInsulated to electric shock ..

Pagar Listrik Acc : Gate Spring

Rp 75.000

Feature :Extension length maximum : 5m Material : Stainless steel Acting as a gate together with the gate handle for electric fencing ..

Pagar Listrik Acc : Middle Insulator

Rp 3.000

Characteristics :Compounding material, can bear all weather changesMiddle pull rod insulator,also called line posts insulator,which is made of ABS materialFeatures :15 kV high voltage resistant easy a

Pagar Listrik Acc : Ring Insulator

Rp 2.500

Model : Ring Insulator with screwSuitable for twine or permanent wireEasy to use with rope,polywireSuitable for twine or permanent wireSimply screw into wooden post or normal screw plug insertion to a

Pagar Listrik Acc : Solar Charger Controller 10A 20A 30A - Panel

Rp 50.500

FITUR PRODUK: Built-in industri mikrokontroler. Satu pengaturan tombol, tampilan digital, fungsi memori otomatis. Sistem pengisian PWM 4 tahap sepenuhnya. Built-in short-circuit protection, prote

Pagar Listrik Acc : Solar Panel 50W Monocrystaline

Rp 625.000

SPESIFIKASI PRODUK :Voc : 21.6V Isc : 2.92A Vmp : 18V Pm : 50W FF : 79.3% Rsh : 246.139 Ohm Rs : 0.903 Ohm Sun : 1000W/m2 Temp : 25.00°CVolume produk : 71cm x 52cm x 4cm ..

Pagar Listrik Acc : Terminal Insulator

Rp 3.000

Deskripsi Produk : Product  name : wood post extended angle ring insulator for electric fenceMaterial : Plastic ..

Pagar Listrik Acc : Warning Sign / Papan Peringatan

Rp 7.500

Feature : Double side with bold printed Warning of electric shock PVC material Size: 200 x 100mm..

Pagar Listrik Acc : Wire Tensioner - Pengencang Kabel

Rp 4.000

Characteristics : Generally speaking,the wire set on the post is loose and not neat.wire tightener could easily tighten the wire and solve this problem.After used for a while,the adjacent lines are

Pagar Listrik Acc : Voltmeter Digital

Rp 200.000

Feature :Detecting range : 100V to 10000VOn/off automatically,durable for 12 to 18 months by 9V batteryIndicate when in low voltage("_,_")Solid state circuit design,solid,durable,stableElectric fence

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