• Unless high/low voltage output disarmed of electric fence, don’t touch live fence
  • Always unplug the fence before handing any part of the fence.
  • Don’t install electric fence during the thunder, don’t install controller in moist place.
  • Before installation or using the product, professional training on technology is necessary
  • To maximizing the performance of your fence system,During the installation, follow the instructions to make sure the grounding of products. Refer to “4.9 item”
  • Once electrified , the inside of controller is 220v 50Hz AC, with 5-10KV high voltage pulse on the output port , don’t touch any part to make sure safety
  • The related electronic technology knowledge is necessary, read the user instruction and operate it carefully with correct methods before installation, otherwise,our side don’t bear any responsibility if any accident arise.
  • In case of urgency, turn off power supply, and wait for the professional staffs to check、 analysis and repair ,or contact our company, don’t repack it by your own.
  • Follow all national,state and local regulations that may apply to installation of electric fence in your area
  • Refer to authorized repair center or our company for service,There are no ueser serviceable parts,Never alter the design of the energizer ,doing so is dangerous and will void the warranty.
  • Do not run fence wire above ground near high voltage power lines.if too close,the electric fence may pick up dangerous levels of power from high voltage lines.Never cross under a high voltage line with electric fence.
  • Sparks may occor in electric fence system,Therefore,the area of high fire risk,fence should not be installed.Energiser
  • Perimeter security single zone electric fence energiser,generates high voltage pulse of 5-14kv to intruders teaching the fence,which establishes a phycical and sychological barrier to prevent  invasion



    New generation energizer that can be used as a simple security fencing energizer, but can also be a alarm panel, there are two alarm input for gate magnetic contacts or Infrared detector or other kind of sensor and detector with NO/NC output.

  • LCD or LED indicate the zone ID\ the working state \ the voltage of live wire.
  • High/low voltage switch manually, long-distance equipment auto switch function.
  • RS 485 communication protocol offer long distance management solution.
  • DC12V, NC/NO dry contact alarm output(Relay output), can work with other modern security products.
  • Set up alarm delaying triggered time freely
  • Spacious space is enough for 4-7Ah back up lead acid battery.
  • Multi power supply function make the energizer working at all kind of poor power condition,  Mains AC110-240V, Battery or Solar panel with DC12V.
  • Sealed metal casing would reduce the electromagnetic radiation effectively, preventing the invisible damage to our family health or other electrical equipment.
  • Remote control(wireless) makes the arming or disarming easily from any place.

 Electrical specification :
1. Input: AC110-240V or DC12V
2. Output peak voltage: 5KV~10KV  
3. Output low voltage:  1KV~3KV
4. Pulse duration: ≤0.1s
5. Pulse interval time: 1s
6. Max energy of output: <5.0J


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